Business Litigation

Achieving Your Goals in Business Disputes

Our goal is simply to help you succeed. When business-related disputes arise, our firm has the knowledge and experience in the legal arena to maximize your success. We begin by listening to your story and the path that brought you in to our office. We provide analysis that addresses the status of the matter as it stands and forward-looking evaluations for potential avenues of action. Our approach is to partner with our business clients and understand the full implications of the dispute within the context of your business environment and market strategy. Together, we will search for effective and efficient resolutions to any disputes. We regularly engage in alternative dispute resolution (such as negotiations, mediation or arbitration), litigation in administrative, state and federal forums and creative strategies for our clients. We view these as the implements to attain the broader goals of vitality and robustness for your company. Cirrus Law provides sound legal counsel and effective representation for our clients seeking legal remedies when they have been wronged and protection from claims and suits alleged against them.

Business Litigation Attorneys

Our law firm represents companies of all sizes, from single person sole proprietorships to mid-sized and larger organizations. Our clients have been drawn from all Bay Area counties, Northern and Southern California, as well as nationally and internationally. We handle business disputes in all areas of law and any related litigation including special emphasis in:

Since 1976, our firm has handled cases from the simple to the complex in business, commercial and civil litigation. Whether you seek to initiate an action or have been dragged into court, we are poised to provide the help you need. We will help you pursue or defend against money damages, injunctive relief, restraining orders, liens, attachments, writs and appeals or other remedies. Anywhere in the courtroom, the board room or the hearing room, we will help you maintain or reach a competitive advantage, avoid losses, and protect the goodwill of your company. In every scenario, we consider our clients to be partners in litigation and we emphasize close communication with you in pursuing a favorable and cost-effective outcome. It is our pleasure to be of service to the business community. Contact Us to speak to an attorney about your business needs.

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