Construction Defects

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When your contractor fails to meet the standard of work or charges maximum price but uses low quality material, you need the advice and counsel of an experienced construction defect lawyer.

At the Cirrus Law PC, we have been representing homeowners who want to file a lawsuit against a contractor for over thirty years. Our experience in this area allows us to fully assess your situation and determine the damages you should seek. We understand the construction regulations and use this knowledge to prepare an effective case on your behalf.

Call our Alameda County office at (925) 463-1073 to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys. Our firm has successfully represented clients who experienced the following defects:

  • Windows leaked because the insulation (or flashing) around windows was not properly installed
  • Plumbing leaked due to improper installation
  • House cracked in several places because it was not built correctly
  • Floor buckled because the contractor failed to level and install it correctly
  • Soil issues; subsidence or movement due to improper compaction
Holding Contractors Accountable for Their Work

Contractors are supposed to follow construction standards when building, repairing or remodeling a home. This includes using proper materials and paying careful attention when constructing the project. Failing to meet these standards may result in construction defects that can cause property damage. When necessary, our firm hires construction experts to review your property and assess the damages. We then use their testimony in court to strengthen your case and better your chances of a successful outcome.

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Our lawyers are skilled negotiators. In construction defect cases, we explore all available settlement opportunities to avoid the expense and time of litigation. However, we are also skilled litigators, and we have represented our clients' interests in all state and federal court systems throughout Northern California.

Cirrus Law PC provides experienced advice to homeowners who want to file a construction defect lawsuit against their contractor. Contact a lawyer today to schedule a consultation.

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