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A well-written construction contract can make the difference between a successful partnership with your contractor or subcontractor and a partnership troubled by disagreements. Before you form a partnership or agree to the terms of a contract, consult the legal advice of an experienced construction transaction attorney.

The Cirrus Law PC has successfully handled construction transactions since 1976. We are well known throughout Northern California for providing quality and efficient service. To discuss a pending contract, call our offices at (925) 463-1073 and schedule a consultation.

Before signing a contract, make sure your contractor has the proper licenses. You can learn about contractor licenses by reviewing the Contractors' Licensing Board under the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Protecting Our Clients' Interests

The Alameda & Contra Costa County Cirrus Law PC drafts and reviews construction contracts between contractors, subcontractors and their consumers. We begin by discussing with our clients their needs and interests regarding the project, and compare contract specifications with their response. If the contract fails to meet our clients' needs or if there are provisions buried within the contract that are unfavorable, we will negotiate the terms to ensure our clients' rights and interests are protected.

Whether you need an attorney to draft an AIA contract, review a contract from your subcontractor or negotiate the terms of a pending contract, we will work to serve your needs as quickly and effectively as possible.

Making Changes to Contracts

Contract disputes often occur when parties make informal changes to a contract. Without a formal process of change, a contractor may forget that the company ordered extra supplies or a building owner may refuse to pay an agreed upon amount of money for services. When you want to make a change to an existing contract, make sure you have a change order. Our firm can file a change order and ensure the contract revisions reflect our clients' wishes.

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