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Education LawStudents may be uninformed about the various provisions of the California Educational Code which include strict compliance with many different rules regulating everything from the disclosure of a student's personal information to the procedures for disciplinary findings and hearings. Other laws may also be relevant to a given circumstance. Which rules apply at different levels of education and in the private or public sector can be quite complex. Most students and families are unprepared to address or appeal decisions by school administrators. Schools might operate under a different set of rules than courts; various boards and decision-makers may pass judgment over students based on hearsay and implication rather than due diligence or a deeper understanding and investigation of the facts and circumstances. There can be a rush to judgment in order to make a public statement to the student body while trampling on the rights of the individual student.

Meanwhile, a decision by the school administration against a student may have repercussions that last a lifetime, including failure to achieve a degree and lost employment opportunities. Academic transcripts and their accompanying disciplinary records often have significant bearing on a student's ability to progress forward, whether it is to the next level of education/training or into the work force. An unresolved blemish or notation, may severely limit your options resulting in the loss of future opportunities and earning capacity. In many instances, there may be substantial due process rights providing you with an opportunity to take action by presenting your own evidence or cross-examining witnesses that have made false accusations. Students or their parents involved in a dispute with school administration are invited to contact us for a case screening and review of your legal rights.

At Cirrus Law PC, we have developed a practice in education law. We advise students (and their family) about the legal rights and options arising from issues in public and private education. Sometimes, there is a dispute with administration, faculty or other students; sometimes there are special needs of the student that need attention. Our lawyers have the knowledge, skill, and experience to effectively advocate for you and advise you regarding your legal rights and options whether faced with academic discipline or the need to assert your rights to an appropriate academic setting.

Our expertise in this area will help students and parents alike chart a course through these tumultuous waters and accurately determine the rights afforded to you under the law. We have seen instances of school administrators and others employing misinformation and even unlawful means to coerce students into submitting to terms. While we hope that administrators and teachers always have the best interest of the student in mind, unfortunately, we have observed a growing trend of institutions that tend to elevate their own interests over the student body's. In these instances, having legal representation and advocacy might be a prudent step to take.

Representing Parents & Students throughout California

Our law firm represents juvenile and adult students in Alameda County, the San Francisco Bay Area, and throughout California. The dictates of the particular case and the depth and seriousness of the matter govern whether we take more distant geographic cases and whether is it economically sound for the client to engage. Where appropriate, we can perform many services using remote technology.

Whatever your situation, our attorneys are available to discuss your situation and assess your legal options in any of the following contexts:

  • Probation/suspension/expulsion
  • Disability and special education
  • IEP and 504 plans
  • Alcohol or drug violations and "zero-tolerance" policies
  • Loss of scholarship/athletic eligibility
  • Academic dishonesty and plagiarism charges
  • Unlawful harassment and discrimination
  • Financial aid disallowance
  • Student Visa revocation
  • Freedom of speech - 1st Amendment issues with campus newspapers, Internet blogs, and classroom conduct

Contact Cirrus Law PC so that we can help you and your family assesses your options and legal rights.

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