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Fremont is an ethnically diverse city in Alameda County with many savvy and cost-conscious business owners. Although it is geographically in the East Bay, it is frequently associated with Silicon Valley. This is due to the large percentage of residents who either commute to or do business in Silicon Valley, as well as the large number of technology companies located within Fremont.

Smart businesspeople work with attorneys who are experienced, and who can offer more personal attention to solving their problems than larger firms can. Our Fremont business litigation attorneys have helped numerous East Bay business owners start their companies, and has also protected them from the looming threat of lawsuits that business owners face so often today.

Experience in the Full Range of Business Litigation Matters

Almost every business decision you make, from those involving employment issues to intellectual property to real estate, can be affected by legal rules. Our attorneys have helped numerous business owners with litigation in a variety of issue areas, including:

Sometimes a single lawsuit can encompass several of these areas. For example, a company may have a non-disclosure agreement with its employees regarding a computer program on which they’re working. Suppose a competitor acts with deceit and signs on to work for the company and then starts selling the computer program on his own.

The lawsuit the company would need to file against the employee could include breach of contract, fraud, employment law, and intellectual property issues. At a larger firm, attorneys from multiple departments might need to be consulted, leading to higher bills for the time spent educating all members of the team about the case. At the Firm, the same lawsuit can be handled by an experienced attorney with a great understanding of both the business and legal consequences of disputes in all of these areas, as well as an eye towards keeping the client’s costs down.

Can a Business Litigation Lawyer Save You Money?

Many business owners try to run all aspects of the business themselves without asking for legal advice. While this may seem like a cost-effective way to run a business in the short-term, it can lead to serious consequences in litigation down the road. Business owners who want to build a strong company over the long haul should consult an attorney well-versed in both business litigation and transactional work.

Hiring a great attorney from the outset can minimize disputes that may arise later on. Our extensive business litigation experience, coupled with our transactional experience, gives us unique insight into the kinds of problems that may arise with badly drawn contracts or the poor structuring of a company. Most businesses run into legal issues at some point. These disputes can be minimized by getting sound advice from the start, and consulting a savvy business litigator as soon as a dispute arises.

Strong communication skills and attention to our clients’ business needs allow us to pursue the best and most cost-effective strategies on behalf of you and your business. Contact one of our Fremont business litigation lawyers at (925) 463-1073 or via our online contact form to protect your business today.

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