Hayward Business Litigation Lawyer

Located in Alameda County, Hayward is the home base of a wide variety of manufacturing businesses and corporations. It is the 6th largest city in the Bay Area. Like any other thriving business community, Hayward sees its fair share of disputes and lawsuits. Decades in practice have given the Hayward business litigation attorneys at the Firm substantial experience in business litigation. We can help protect you against litigation, and also offer an aggressive and results-oriented approach should you find yourself needing to prosecute or defend a lawsuit.

Retaining an experienced business litigator is an important business decision—having a trial attorney in your corner can actually lead to your business avoiding or settling lawsuits. Indeed, the other side will be more likely to take your claims or defenses seriously if they are aware that going to trial and losing a large sum of money is a real possibility.

What Does Business Litigation Entail?

Business litigation comprises a broad range of lawsuits in nearly every industry. It includes the following areas in which our attorneys have substantial experience: intellectual property disputes involving trade secrets, copyright and trademarks, theft, fraud and misrepresentation, breach of contract, partnership and shareholder disputes, franchise and licensing disputes, commercial or real estate disputes, employment law, and construction litigation.

Often, a single business has to guard against and fight lawsuits involving more than one practice area. For example, a technology company may be faced with an intellectual property lawsuit from a competitor, an employment lawsuit from a former employee, and a partnership or shareholder dispute. Or, a developer may be faced with construction litigation, real estate litigation, and a fraud claim. Evidence from any of these lawsuits may be public record, and certain information from any one of these disputes may potentially be used in the other lawsuits.

One of the primary benefits of retaining an attorney with significant experience in all these areas is that we can develop a strategy that takes into account the impact of the current matter on other cases, including future disputes. For example, it may be the case that taking certain steps in an intellectual property lawsuit opens you up to liability in a dispute over the non-compete clause in an employment agreement. Our attorneys' ability to see the bigger picture allows you, the client, to save money and also obtain better protection for your business.

How Does Retaining a Business Lawyer Save You Money in Business Litigation?

Many business owners believe they can cut corners when it comes to legal matters in order to save money and still run a successful business. However, dealing with problems at the front-end of transactions by involving experienced legal counsel can prevent breakdowns in understanding down the road. Most businesses eventually encounter an individual or another business with which they cannot agree. Unlike lawsuits involving only individuals, business lawsuits are typically high-stakes and may cost a great deal of money to bring or defend.

While we believe that it is important for businesses to work with an attorney from the start, we can also help you resolve lawsuits or potential lawsuits once a legal dispute has commenced. Our experience in both transactional and litigation work allows us to develop strategies that take into account long-term business goals, the potential of future litigation, and what's necessary to resolve the immediate dispute successfully. Contact the Hayward business litigation lawyers at (925) 463-1073 or via our online contact form for a consultation today.

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