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Mortgage agreements contain many intricacies that can significantly affect the rights of both the homeowner and the mortgage company. When a dispute arises over the terms of a mortgage or compliance with the letter and spirit of an agreement, the parties require knowledgeable legal advice and representation to fully protect their interests.

The Cirrus Law PC has extensive experience in mortgage law compliance and litigation involving mortgage agreements. We represent homeowners, mortgage brokers, and real estate companies in all types of mortgage disputes.

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Representing Mortgage Brokers and Real Estate Companies

Cirrus Law PC advises and represents mortgage brokers, real estate companies and brokers, and other financial professionals in Northern California in matters involving mortgage law. We can advice and assist mortgage brokers in regulatory compliance, licensing, mortgage agreements language, and other legal issues, in addition to general business law matters.

Our lawyers can represent you in litigation involving mortgage agreements, misrepresentation of mortgage documents, licensing challenges, and other residential and commercial mortgage matters.

Representing Home Owners

In today's economic environment, some homeowners have come to the realization that they were deceived when they applied for their mortgage. These individuals have discovered that they were the victims of various types of mortgage fraud or misrepresentation. In many of these cases, their houses and life-savings are at risk.

Cirrus Law PC represents residential and commercial property owners who have been the victims of mortgage fraud and real estate agent fraud. We are experienced and aggressive advocates who use the law to protect our clients' homes and residential investments. Our lawyers will fight to obtain compensation and justice for you.

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