Pleasanton Business Transactions Lawyer

Pleasanton Business Transaction Lawyer

At Cirrus Law PC, we offer practical advice for those who hope to cultivate a commercial enterprise in California. Our firm can help your business build a strong foundation and avoid legal pitfalls during the course of its operations. We understand that businesses require constant care and diligence. In light of the work and resources you invest in running a successful business, it does not make sense to skimp on legal representation. The risk of litigation or other adverse events is too great not to work with a knowledgeable law firm from the start. Our Pleasanton business transaction attorneys have been representing business owners in the formation and growth of their companies since 1976, and we can help you achieve your business goals.

Compliance With California Corporate Law

Under California Corporations Code section 1500, every corporation must keep accurate and correct books and records of account, and must also keep minutes of proceedings of its shareholders, board, and committees of the board. It must keep these minutes in written form or another form able to be converted into a clearly legible paper form.

When is it necessary to update your minutes? It may be necessary if you increase a key employee's salary (including your own), if you sign a lease, or under a variety of other circumstances. Oftentimes landlords, banks, or title companies will request a copy of a formal shareholder resolution approving the transaction into which your business is entering with them. Maintaining appropriate documentation shows them, as well as the IRS and the judicial system, that you acted appropriately.

Section 1507 prohibits officers, directors, and agents from issuing or publishing any kind of materially false statement with knowledge that it is false. The same section prohibits removing, erasing, or deleting any books or records with the intent to deceive. Because our society is litigious, it is critical to maintain the protection of the corporate veil by following the letter of the law closely. Retaining an attorney to help you make judgment calls in tricky or complex situations can make this process easier, and allow you to rest assured about the direction your business is headed.

Sound Counsel for Business Matters

If you are running a business in the East Bay or Northern California, our office can help you with the following business law matters:

  • Business formation and incorporation: From the start, savvy business owners should ensure that they organize their business in the best possible form for achieving their goals. Business formation and incorporation have important consequences for taxes, investment, operations, and countless other matters.
  • Purchase, sale, or transfer of a business: Whether you are buying, selling, or transferring a business, contracts and other legal documents must be properly drafted to record the terms of the transaction. Our office can prepare these documents and ensure that they are accurate and consistent with your business objectives. We can also help with financing.
  • Business formalities and maintenance: Legal issues arise throughout the life of an ordinary business. We can assist with tax planning, issuing stocks, drafting corporate minutes, annual filings, and compliance with state, federal and local regulations.
  • Business transactions: It's important to document all business transactions of all kinds. Carefully drafting contracts, commercial agreements, franchise agreements, licensing and distribution agreements, and rental or purchase agreements make it more likely that both parties understand a transaction and truly agree to the terms of a deal. Diligently prepared business documents can also help you avoid legal disputes and costly litigation in the long run.
  • Establishment, protection, and enforcement of intellectual property rights: Many business' most valuable assets are intangible intellectual properties related to trademark, copyright, and patent law. We can help protect your IP and enforce your IP rights.
  • International trade: Trade with businesses based in other countries can be complex, as you must abide by the law of other nations and jurisdictions as necessary. Our experienced attorneys can ensure that your international trade transactions are lawful, sound, and in your best interests.
  • Commercial real estate: Commercial real estate transactions are more complex and often involve higher stakes than residential real estate transactions. We can help with buying, leasing, and selling commercial real estate, as well as the construction and development issues you may face when building on undeveloped land.
  • Exit strategies: Once a business is no longer viable, there are a number of ways a business owner can exit. Our experienced attorneys can plan dissolution, succession, or transfer of ownership, keeping in mind a business owner's future business goals. We also represent clients in commercial and personal bankruptcies.
Personalized Legal Services for East Bay Business Owners

At Cirrus Law PC, we work closely and in partnership with our business clients, remaining responsive to their needs and questions, and ensuring that we pursue strategies that align with their business objectives. Contact a knowledgeable Pleasanton business and commercial law lawyer at (925) 463-1073 or online to discuss the future of your business today.

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