Technology Licensing & Distribution

businessCapitalizing on Your Intellectual Property

Perhaps your software will support the "Next Big Thing" in consumer electronics. Perhaps your innovation will revolutionize an industry or help save the planet. But without solid legal counsel and proper protections, the fruits of your labor may be misappropriated or traded away for less than they're worth.

The intellectual property attorneys of Cirrus Law PC have decades of experience in technology licensing and distribution. Based in Alameda County, we represent software developers and other technology companies in the East Bay and throughout Northern California.

Technology Licensing and Distribution

Whether you have developed technology equipment, self-contained software, or innovative code or apps that will be incorporated by another developer, the contracts and agreements are everything. If the granting and limiting of the license is ambiguous, licensees will take advantage. If your proprietary secrets are not guarded, former employees and competitors will seize the opportunity.

The Firm has practiced business law for more than 30 years, and is extensively familiar with:

Cirrus Law PC commonly represents small development firms that are assigning rights to larger developers, who in turn develop products for major companies. We negotiate your technology licensing contracts to maximize your return while protecting your interests. Our trial lawyers are prepared to aggressively defend your intellectual property rights.

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