Theft / Fraud / Misrepresentation

businessPleasanton Commercial Fraud Attorneys

The trial attorneys at Cirrus Law PC represent businesses involved in civil suits for damages resulting from fraudulent business practices, misrepresentation, and financial wrongdoing. We represent clients in civil courts in Alameda County and Contra Costa County and throughout Northern California courts.

Our clients have been charged with or are seeking damages in civil court against others charged with:

  • Fraudulent misrepresentation of a nature, financial assets, or other material facts regarding a company in order to influence the purchase or sale of the company
  • Fraudulent misrepresentation regarding deliverables, qualifications, or terms affecting the execution of a contract
  • Fraud or misappropriation of funds committed by one owner against another owner or the shareholders of a company
  • Losses or damages resulting from tax fraud, failure to pay sales tax or franchise tax and fees
Pleasanton Business Lawsuit Defense Attorneys

When addressing as significant a violation as theft of company funds or the financial damages caused by misrepresentation, it is important to select an attorney with significant litigation experience. At Cirrus Law PC, we have over thirty years of courtroom experience litigating all types of business law cases and commercial disputes.

When appropriate, we seek to resolve disputes in as cost-effective a manner as possible, negotiating for release from contractual obligations or the return of funds. However, our civil trial lawyers are prepared to aggressively prosecute or defend your interests in state or federal court in the case of fraud or financial wrongdoing. We will also handle civil appeals.

Whether you are seeking legal remedies or your business is being sued, you need an experienced trial lawyer who understands both law and business. At the Cirrus Law PC, an attorney can explain the laws relevant to your case, the possible outcomes you may achieve by bringing a civil case, and can help you decide how to move forward. If you choose to go to court, we provide effective plaintiff and defense representation.

Contact an Alameda County business theft attorney at our law firm today for a consultation and review of possible legal strategies available to you.

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