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Helping Businesses Find an Alternative to Bankruptcy

Businesses in financial trouble need more than a bankruptcy lawyer. They need an attorney who can counsel them on their overall financial and legal options and help them achieve debt relief through a plan that fits their individual needs.

The Pleasanton, California business attorneys at the Firm provide comprehensive analysis of a businesses financial struggle. He looks at a business's personal liabilities, and assess whether bankruptcy will resolve all the financial issues. He reviews a business's situation and obligations to develop a financial recovery plan that fits their needs.

Since 1976, the attorneys at Cirrus Law PC have been helping businesses in financial trouble. Call us today at (925) 463-1073 to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced Contra Costa & Alameda County attorneys.

A comprehensive financial plan involves more than filing bankruptcy and shutting the business doors. It involves steps that can help a business pay its employees and minimize debts. At Cirrus Law PC, we will conduct a thorough review of your business obligations, current debts and revenue projections. We may be able to negotiate with creditors to reduce your debts and file a workout that minimizes your monthly payments.

Whether you owe the IRS for taxes or struggle paying your materials supplier, our firm can help. We have more than thirty years of experience conducting financial reviews of struggling businesses and advising them on their best options for debt relief. If bankruptcy best meets your needs, we will refer you to an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

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If your business is struggling financially, you may have considered filing bankruptcy. However, bankruptcy is not always the best option for businesses in financial trouble. Many times bankruptcy will not solve the problems associated with a troubled business as it relates to the business owner. In fact, if your business cannot pay vendors and other contracting companies, bankruptcy may not be able to help you at all.

At our firm, we believe businesses in financial trouble require a comprehensive assessment of their financial obligations and situation before advising them on a legal option to minimize debts and restore financial wealth. Contact Cirrus Law PC today to schedule a consultation.

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