A Full-Service Law Firm for All Your Needs

The firm is supervised by Managing Attorney Joshua D. Brysk. We focus on giving personal attention to our clients and providing high caliber legal advice, advocacy and representation. Our attorneys are experienced in many diverse areas including civil and probate litigation; business and commercial law; entity formation and startups; corporate compliance and documentation; real estate contracts, agreements, leases, licenses, HOA and CC&R law, purchases, disputes and transactions; construction law and construction defects; contractor and mechanics lien law; intellectual property and trade secret law; administrative law and licensing; education law; tax law; and estate planning (trusts, wills, powers of attorney and advance healthcare directives).

Versatile and Efficient Representation

Our attorneys and staff combine broad areas of expertise and experience with deep knowledge in their areas of specialization which enables us to handle matters efficiently as a “one-stop shop.” Our broad experience and knowledge also serves our clients well since we are able to understand and identify issues that might pass by attorneys who specialize in narrow fields or have limited experience in related areas of law or disciplines. Employing this philosophy of breadth coupled with depth leads to efficiency and effectiveness in representation. Having attorneys (and staff) with wide and deep areas of knowledge allows us to anticipate issues and craft alternative resolutions for presentation to our clients.

We combine our breadth and depth of legal knowledge with skills and experience in many other disciplines. Our prior experience in areas like bookkeeping and business marketing and research, physiology and emergency medicine, information technology and communications, tax and debt collection, bankruptcy and insolvencies, allows us to bring a deeper understanding of the real world challenges involved in every matter we take on.

Inclusivity Leads to Success

We treat every case with the attention it deserves, keeping in mind the relative importance to each matter for each client. If it is important to you, than it is important to us. We want to help you achieve your goals, move beyond obstacles and challenges, and set future agenda through informed decision-making. We are always mindful that client input and information is a necessary component of each attorney representation. We depend upon our clients to be a part of the process, to collaborate with our attorneys and staff, to help us appreciate the client’s perspective and learn the unique nuances of each situation. By involving and engaging with our clients we learn from each other and discover possibilities that neither could uncover without the other.

Attorneys for Every Occasion

Our attorneys are admitted to practice in state, federal, tax and bankruptcy courts throughout the state of California. We are also available for representation involving businesses spanning multiple locations and jurisdictions. We serve business, corporate, and individual clients in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, in courts throughout California and relating to business and financial interests worldwide. We value the trust our clients have placed in us and we work hard to provide reliable, effective representation to meet a diverse range of legal needs.

When it’s Time to Go to Court

Litigation is sometimes necessary, but clients are often better served by avoiding it or redirecting a litigated matter to another forum. Whether you retain us for a transactional or a litigation matter, we have the legal knowledge and experience to address your needs. More importantly, our cross-disciplinary approach allows us to help you avoid future litigation in transactional matters, and litigate successfully when it is needed. Our litigation strategies take account of the bigger picture—we aim for goal achievement over simply “winning” a battle. Our transactional and planning advice is informed by our litigation experience. We give our clients the best tools to avoid litigation or prevail when it does happen--robust documentation and procedures. We see each matter as a piece of the larger whole and by doing so we are able to see the forest through the trees.

When it’s Time to Get out of Court

Real life rarely breaks down neatly into specific areas of law or procedures. We are equipped to help you navigate multiple areas of law and different techniques and procedures to find the results that you actually desire. We investigate and plan meticulously to avoid litigation wherever possible. We have frequently used alternative dispute resolution to bring about a paradigm shift from a contested matter to a resolved situation. Our attorneys are seasoned negotiators with a variety of ways to persuade other parties to adopt our point of view. Our attorneys have used mediations, arbitrations, transfers of venues and forums, legal motions and more to demonstrate our prowess and convince other parties that the litigation will end poorly for them if continued. We always focus on reaching the end the client seeks over the path that it takes to get there.

When it’s Time to See it Through to the End

In those instances where litigation is unavoidable or the best avenue to satisfy the client’s needs, our firm stands ready, willing and able to take up arms. Our attorneys have extensive court experience and are well-versed in every phase and stage of litigation in civil, probate, bankruptcy and tax court. We do not stop at a simple state court judgment either: we handle collections of judgments, defense of judgments, appeals, post-judgment motions, renewal of judgments and transfers from other jurisdictions.

Find out If We are the Right Firm for You

Retaining a law firm often requires divulging personal, sensitive or even intimate client details. Working with a lawyer typically involves a close relationship and requires a level of trust and confidence to be successful. For some, it may be the hardest decision that they have made in a long time; for others, it is part of a business support team assembled in various arenas. We take the guardianship of your information seriously and understand the difficulties involved in taking that leap of faith. Whether this is the first time you have ever hired a lawyer or are looking to upgrade your current legal support, we can tailor our services to meet your demands and level of expertise.

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