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I have worked with Cirrus Law for several years . Josh Brysk has represented me in personal and business matters. His information is always accurate, concise and informative. This enabled me to make the tough decisions that are necessary during legal actions. In court, Josh was very professional and direct throughout the case which led to a very positive outcome. I also used the firm in estate planning to establish a trust. The process was made much easier than I anticipated and I'm pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend the Cirrus Law firm and continue to use their services.

Michelle Jurich

I reached out to Joshua as well as a few other attorneys to check my options. Joshua responded with urgency and walked me through the whole process. I look forward to using you in the future and appreciate your time!

Ali C.

I was looking for an attorney's direction regarding a building defect that was discovered on my property built in 2005. I called these offices and was directed to Mr Joshua Brysk who took the call immediately. Mr Brysk spoke to me for at least 10 minutes. He took the time to consult with another attorney and to refer to specific laws related to my issues. He also advised me that due to the 10 year statue of limitations, unfortunately, I had very little legal leg to stand on at this time. I found this attorney to be refreshing, in his sincere interest in attempting to assist me, mixed with his frankness in advising me that though he would be happy to represent me, he felt that my further efforts would be fruitless and only result in further financial costs to me.

Andrej H.

To be clear, I did not retain Cirrus Law to represent me, and it was mutual, rather, I am writing a review to express my satisfaction with the complimentary consultation provided. Mr. Joshua Brysk was calm, allowed me the opportunity to express thoughts (at length), and provided feedback in a professional manner (not rude, nor short with me). Thank you, again, to Cirrus Law, and well wishes.

Anna G.

I had consulted many attorneys regarding my partner dispute. I was glad to find Josh Brysk to help me winning the case. From the interaction with Josh and his staff, I come to learn that they are very customer focus and have lots of care about the matter. I appreciate the total dedication in handling the matter, the professional manner, the continuous communication and timely status updates. All that make me feel very confident and have a firm trust in my attorney to do the best for me. This is very important as it helped me to stay focus and lessen the anguish and frustration about the dispute itself, the counter suits and defamations/lies/tactics from defendants and their attorney. Working thru the case with Josh and his staff I got the feel that my rights is protected; I am not fighting the issue in distress, helplessly alone and in total despair and uncertainty. In fact, I believed that the matter will be resolved properly and we will win in the case. And We did. I highly recommend Josh if you are needing legal advice and representation. I, myself, will keep going to Josh for future legal matters.


I have been a client here for more than 15 years. Joshua D. Brysk and Laurie E. Yoon have been my best advisors in my business matters.

Kamran S.

I really appreciate the help that Joshua D, Brysk provided during complimentary consultations. He was very professional and patient in our conversations and provided some guidance regarding my legal issues. Again, thanks for your help.

S Lam

Thanks to Joshua Brysk for his help and advice with a situation that had to do with a landlord-tenant issue. He de-escalated the issue while the other party's attorney seemed to be interested in escalating it. He was very calm and patient throughout the process, and helped us with prompt responses even during the weekend.

Sudhir G.
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