Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Into each person's life, a little rain must fall. There will be times when you suffer harm at the hands of others (physical injury, economic loss or harm to reputation). There may be times when you are wrongfully accused of causing harm through your actions or negligence.

If the harm is too great to be simply absorbed or shaken off, it becomes a dispute between two or more parties that must be resolved. Sometimes it escalates into a formal lawsuit that is filed in civil court.

Resolution of legal disputes can come through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or in a court of law. Led by managing attorney Joshua Brysk, the experienced trial lawyers of Cirrus Law PC provide plaintiff or defense representation for all types of civil legal matters.

Located in Pleasanton, California, our Alameda County civil litigation lawyers represent individuals, businesses and organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area, in Contra Costa County and throughout Northern California.

Over 30 Years of Experience in Civil Litigation in California

Contact our law firm today to discuss where you stand and your legal recourse regarding:

  • Business and commercial litigation: Interference with a business relationship, breach of contract, theft, conversion or misappropriation
  • Intellectual property litigation
  • Construction litigation
  • Real estate litigation: A landlord-tenant dispute, a property dispute or neighbor dispute, damage to property, foreclosure and eviction
  • A personal injury lawsuit
  • Fraud or misrepresentation
  • Defamation (libel or slander)
  • Insurance coverage/bad faith denial
  • Elder abuse
  • Education law and students' rights
  • Probate litigation
  • Employment litigation (employer or employee representation)
Explore Your Rights and Remedies

If you are the injured party, you may have grounds for a civil lawsuit to seek monetary damages for physical, financial and/or emotional harm, including punitive damages if the harm was intentional or reckless. A civil action might also seek an injunction to cease and desist, return of property that belongs to you, or other specific remedy. Our role is to establish the negligence or wrongful acts and aggressively pursue your just compensation or desired outcome.

If you are being sued, you could be personally liable for damages. You may find yourself not only in dispute with the plaintiff but with your own insurance provider. We provide proven and cost-effective defense. Our primary goal is to prove that you were wrongly accused or that the other party has not suffered any actionable harm. If their lawsuit proceeds, we can represent you in settlement negotiations or at trial.

There is a large body of law (including statutes, case law, regulations, and common law), designed to "level the playing field" in these disputes to assure a just result.

  • You have the right to have your matter heard before a neutral fact finder.
  • You have a right to have your case decided by persons with no investment in the outcome.
  • You have the right to present facts and law in your favor to the decision-makers.
  • You have the right to learn of the facts arrayed against you before trial through the discovery system.

At Cirrus Law PC, our lawyers help you to preserve, protect and enforce those rights. We carefully navigate you through the civil litigation system to insure that justice is done, and to insure that your side of the case is presented fully and fairly.

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With our team of seasoned negotiators on your side, not every case must be tried. If the time is right, we work with you and the opposing parties to accomplish ends that are fair to all through active negotiation and settlement discussions. We are active practitioners in a number of different alternative dispute resolution techniques, including mediation and arbitration.

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