Contract Disputes


Whether you are seeking legal remedies or your business is being sued, you need a trial lawyer who understands both law and business.

Our attorneys have many years of transactional and trial experience. Our extensive experience drafting and reviewing business contracts, and courtroom experience defending business agreements or identifying areas of weakness in contracts, provides us with a depth of understanding that benefits clients considering a business lawsuit.

At Cirrus Law PC, our Pleasanton contract dispute lawyers represent small and mid-sized companies in business-to-business contract disputes in the Bay Area, in Alameda County, Contra Costa County and throughout Northern California. When you need legal advice regarding how best to resolve a contractual problem with a client, a vendor or supplier, or a business partner, contact our law firm to speak with an attorney.

Breach of Contract Attorney in California

Following are a few of the many breach of contract cases that we handle for business clients:

  • Commercial real estate litigation
  • Construction litigation regarding delays, cost overages, workmanship
  • Commercial lease disputes, failure to meet terms of agreement
  • Aborted business transactions, failure to follow through with a purchase and sale agreement
  • Franchise contract violations
  • Licensing disputes
  • Breach of employment contracts, violation of trade secrets and restrictive covenants
Is Court Your Best Option?

The problems created by a breach of contract can be time consuming and expensive. Taking a case to court to seek a resolution of that contract violation can also be time consuming and expensive, and may pose some risk to the company. A business litigator from our firm will sit down with you to explain the pros and cons of taking your case to court, whether mediation or arbitration might be a viable avenue of recovery, the risks associated with taking your case to trial and the risks of inaction, as well as the potential costs of each option.

We work together as a team, providing our clients with all the information they need to make a decision, and then aggressively pursuing their chosen strategy. While we seek to resolve disputes in as cost-effective a manner as possible, our business law attorneys are prepared to protect your interests in state or federal court, and in civil appeals.

Contact an Alameda County breach of contract attorney to discuss your contract dispute and your legal options.

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