Fremont Construction Litigation Lawyer

Fremont is a city in Alameda County served by Interstate 880 and 680, as well as SR 262, SR 84, SR 238, and the Dumbarton Bridge. With easy access to surrounding cities, Fremont is home to numerous developers, design professionals, contractors and subcontractors that work on construction projects throughout the East Bay.

Many construction projects involve multiple subcontractors, including framers, roofers, masons, plumbers, concrete specialists, and many more. Because these projects involve so many people and competing needs, problems can arise at any stage, from the drafting of the contract to the finished work, from the building inspection to the time of payment. While some problems can be resolved amicably, in some cases you may need the assistance of an experienced attorney to make sure your rights are adequately protected.

The kinds of business disputes that arise in construction require representation by an attorney with experience in that legal area, as well as knowledge of construction terminology, construction practices, and the business aspects of construction. Our Fremont construction litigation attorneys have many years of experience in business transactions and litigation, including in construction law. This allows him to offer sound advice and protect his clients’ interests in stressful and potentially costly construction lawsuits.

How Does Working With an Attorney Reduce the Harms of Litigation?

Even the best-laid plans can go awry. You may have believed that both parties understood a deal the same way, but all too often, parties have different interpretations of a contract, or experience setbacks that were not provided for under the contract. Problems may also arise in the form of construction defects discovered after building is over and the project has already been paid for.

Our office represents any party involved in disputes related to development, construction, delay, performance, payment disputes, or bond claims. Construction litigation is a highly specialized area. Our years of experience have made us familiar with the community of insurers, mediators, civil court judges, in-house attorneys, and other attorneys involved in these types of cases.

Unlike certain kinds of litigation, construction litigation is an area in which you may be forced to work with the same parties against whom you are litigating again and again. This is particularly true for subcontractors who must continue to work on new projects together.Our attorneys can help you work towards an amicable resolution. Failing that, we will aggressively advocate on your behalf, using what he knows about the strategies and mindset of the parties involved to fight for the most favorable resolution possible on your behalf.

Experienced Construction Law Representation

While construction litigators usually work with knowledgeable experts to help them develop a strategy and identify who will testify on behalf of their client, only construction litigators that have significant understanding of construction terminology and practices can really understand a project dispute or how to solve it. Our attorneys are familiar with all aspects of construction law, from planning to payment for a finished project. This means we will not be charging you to learn how your trade works, and can offer advice and strategy tailored specifically to your business and the dispute at hand. We are cost-conscious. For attentive, responsive personal service from an experienced Fremont construction litigation lawyer, contact us at (925) 463-1073 or via our online form.

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