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Cirrus Law PC represents businesses in establishing, enforcing and trading on their intellectual property rights. Our experience and attention to detail helps clients protect their interests in contracts, agreements and litigation in this sophisticated area of the law.

Based in Pleasanton, California, our firm represents small and mid-sized companies in the East Bay, the greater Oakland-San Francisco area and Northern California. We would be glad to discuss our demonstrated abilities in:

Protecting Intellectual Property

The Firm has practiced in business law and civil litigation in Alameda County and the Bay Area since 1976. We have won notable client victories in intellectual property litigation, including a recent case involving misappropriation of bids in the construction industry.

At Cirrus Law PC, we understand that proprietary information, especially in the technology sector, must be jealously guarded. We are meticulous in drafting contracts and swift and authoritative in enforcing them. We also understand that our clients need legal counsel that is responsive, accessible and cost-effective.

Arrange a consultation with one of our attorneys if you are seeking to register, sell or license a product or service, or to discuss your options in an infringement case or dispute with a former employee.

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