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Business is business. A contract with a manufacturer in China or other foreign country is not markedly different than a contract with a company here in Alameda County. But there are special considerations in international trade agreements to protect your interests and address the terms of shipping, payment and other aspects.

The Cirrus Law PC has advised businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California doing business with overseas trading partners. The Firm has practiced in business law since 1976. We can anticipate the relevant issues involved in negotiating, drafting or reviewing your international trade contracts.

Contracting With Companies in Foreign Countries

International business is not as complex as you might think. The hardest part is making contacts and checking out the potential trade partner. If you have a deal lined up, we can lend our decades of acumen in business transactions.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable about the most important factors in international trade agreements, namely:

  • Shipping terms — Whether importing or exporting, it is critical to spell out the terms of shipping and delivery, who bears the costs and risks for damage or loss, delivery dates, and remedies if delivery is delayed.
  • Export control compliance — Whether you are exporting raw materials, finished or semi-finished goods, components or software or technology, including e-mail, the cargo is subject to federal regulations, and may or may not require an export license. Export controls also vary with the destination country.
  • Letters of credit to secure payment — Documentary letters of credit are common in international trade, with a bank guaranteeing the funds but authorizing payment only upon verification of delivery. We can help work out the terms prior to entering the business transaction.

Our firm can also advise on related issues such as trade tariffs, U.S. Customs inspections or legal remedies under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

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