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Newark is an enclave, a city surrounded by the city of Fremont in Alameda County, California. Sitting at the edge of Silicon Valley, Newark's economic growth depends on several industries, including technology. Its top employers include Logitech, Cargill Salt, and Valassis Communications, Inc. Some of its companies are based out-of-state or abroad. Like any thriving business community, Newark sees its share of business disputes and lawsuits. Savvy business owners understand that an experienced Newark business litigation attorney can make a substantial contribution to the protection and growth of their businesses.

Why Is It So Important to Retain a Business Litigation Attorney

Business owners that have previously escaped involvement in any kind of litigation may not realize how crucial it is to retain a business litigation attorney once they suspect it may be necessary to file or defend against a lawsuit. Conflicts can quickly escalate, and if the other party retains an attorney first, it is unwise to try to handle the conflict without professional advice and representation. Words that seem innocuous in the moment can quickly take on a different tone or quality once they are used as evidence against a business owner in a courtroom. The stress and potentially severe consequences that accompany lawsuits make it a sound business decision to ask an objective and knowledgeable attorney for representation.

The Firm has handled complex commercial and civil litigation since 1976. Unlike most attorneys practicing at bigger firms, we also work on transactional matters. This allows us to help protect businesses from the outset. Most litigators focus on the immediate issue: winning or settling a single lawsuit. Our attorneys' transactional experience allows us to develop sound strategies that help a business not just with the immediate lawsuit, but also with their longer-term business needs and goals, including the impact of evidence in one lawsuit on other lawsuits.

What Kinds of Disputes Become Business Lawsuits?

Business litigation encompasses a broad range of matters that involve businesses. These issues may be internal concerns such as a dispute over an employee's contract or a shareholder dispute, or they may be external, such as a competitor's copyright infringement or a subcontractor's expectation of payment for work that doesn't meet specifications. Matters involved in business litigation can include:

Trustworthy Business Litigation Lawyer

It is in your best interest as a business owner who has invested significant time and energy into your business to retain a lawyer with the ability to help you both with your transactional goals and with your litigation needs. Failure to consult a lawyer in the face of a business dispute can have devastating consequences for the company you've worked hard to grow. Contact knowledgeable Newark business litigation attorneys at (925) 463-1073 or via our online contact form to protect your business.

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