San Ramon Business Litigation

San Ramon is a suburban city in the San Francisco Bay Area, located in Contra Costa County. Some of the top employers in San Ramon are large corporations: Chevron, AT&T, Robert Half International, Accenture, Marriott, IBM, and Safeway. There are numerous mid-sized and small businesses in San Ramon contributing to the local and regional economy as well. Regardless of their size, a common element among San Ramon businesses is that their owners are savvy and sophisticated. They are aware of the fact that commercial lawsuits can be triggered by seemingly small events, and that the best interests of their businesses are served by employing unique strategies, as the circumstances demand. Accordingly, businesses of all varieties contact Cirrus Law PC when they are in need of an experienced San Ramon business litigation attorney.

What Makes Business Litigation Different?

The best commercial litigators are those who not only exhibit great skill in the courtroom, but who also understand the business goals and needs of their clients. Unlike personal injury lawsuits involving two adverse individuals, business and industry demands can sometimes require that two parties presently in conflict with each other collaborate or work together in the future on a joint project. An example of such a dispute could be a construction litigation matter involving multiple subcontractors. Litigating under those circumstances requires a different skill set and base of experience than litigating on behalf of injured individuals. For example, business litigation often involves a set sum that has been lost, rather than more speculative sums that may be at issue in other kinds of lawsuits. Businesses involved in legal disputes need legal counsel who know how to prove the losses at issue, or defend against such claims of loss, and who can do so while keeping the best interests of the company in perspective.

The Firm strives to prevent legal disputes from arising for his clients during the business formation and transactional stages. But when disputes arise, he is skilled at negotiating with other parties and offering strategic advice. A litigator with over 35 years in practice, he regularly appears in alternative dispute resolution proceedings such as mediation or arbitration. His business acumen and litigation experience make him an attorney you can trust to clearly communicate what is involved in securing a reasonable settlement, and work with you to obtain a favorable outcome.

Our attorneys are prepared to take cases to trial and pursue an aggressive strategy when a more amicable resolution is not possible. We have significant experience litigating cases with substantial value, with client awards of up to $2,000,000 being among his successes.

Types of Business Litigation

Our law firm represents companies of all sizes in business disputes and related litigation. These include cases based on breaches of contract and statutory violations, as well as cases arising from “torts” or social wrongs.

Due to our substantial transactional experience with a variety of companies, we are able to prosecute and defend cases involving a diverse range of business litigation matters. Types of cases with which we have experience include:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Aborted business transactions
  • Fraud or unfair business practices
  • Franchise and licensing disputes
  • Commercial collections
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Business dissolution
  • Employment law litigation
  • Copyright or trademark infringement
  • Commercial or real estate litigation
  • Construction litigation

We consider our clients to be partners in our litigation strategies, emphasizing close communication with you as we seek the most favorable and cost-effective outcome for you and your business. Contact one of our San Ramon business litigation lawyers at (925) 463-1073 or via our online contact form to protect your business today.

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