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Providing critical tax planning and litigation services to business clients since 1976

Effective tax planning and swift intervention is a necessity for any business owner seeking to shield their company from misunderstandings, fines, litigation, and substantial distractions because of a tax dispute. At the Cirrus Law PC, we represent businesses and individuals with comprehensive tax planning designed to identify and correct potential disputes.

We firmly believe that a pro-active approach to all business tax issues is the best way to protect our clients from legal action. We are, however, aggressive advocates on behalf of business clients who are involved in a dispute with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or other local, state and federal taxing authorities:

  • Asset Protection
  • Sales Tax Reporting
  • Employee Withholding Tax
  • Franchise Tax
  • Personal Income Tax
  • Tax Liens

The IRS is very aggressive in it's collection of tax debts. Their actions require an opposite and equally aggressive response. Since 1976, our Pleasanton, CA business tax lawyers have helped hundreds of business clients to appeal IRS decisions and end harassment immediately. We possess nearly thirty years experience appearing before various California taxing agencies, including the CA Franchise Tax Board, and will meticulously examine all tax claims against our clients to ensure that all information and claims are valid. In most cases, you will need never deal with the taxing authority again - an attorney from Cirrus Law PC will handle all interaction so you can focus on the business of running your business.

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